IDPA Practice and Classifier Matches
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Sara Spa IDPA Practice Schedule

Practice is held every Monday and Thursday night on the indoor range, 7pm-10pm.


October 18th (3rd Sat)               Match 10am - 3pm

November 3rd (1st Mon)           Classifier 7pm - 10pm

November 15th (3rd Sat)           Match 10am - 3pm


After November, Classifiers normally held on the 1st Monday of each month will be re-scheduled to alternate with the monthly matches held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am to 3pm. See schedule below


12/20/03 - Classifier    10am - 3pm                 07/17/04 - Match        10am - 3pm

01/17/04 - Match        10am - 3pm                 08/21/04 - Classifier    10am - 3pm    

02/21/04 - Classifier    10am - 3pm                 09/10th, 11th, 12th NYS State Championship

03/20/04 - Match        10am - 3pm                 10/16/04 - Classifier    10am - 3pm

04/17/03 - Classifier    10am - 3pm                 11/20/04 - Match        10am - 3pm

05/15/04 - Match        10am - 3pm                 12/18/04 - Classifier    10am - 3pm

06/19/04 - Classifier    10am - 3pm



            ** Event fee change members / non-members

            ** Weather permitting events will be held on the outdoor range.

            ** Events will be held indoors during poor weather conditions.

            ** During severe weather conditions (snow, sleet, and travel advisories) formal events will not be held.  Please call to confirm.


Scott    518.587.6726

Dan      518.331.1957




Indoor Range Ammunition Requirments:
Due to the hazards of airborne lead,and lead vapors, Sara Spa IDPA does not allow lead or FMJ bullets when using the indoor range facility.
Jacketed (JHP,JSP etc.),or Total Metal Jacket (TMJ)ammunition, factory or reloaded, is fine. Also, all of the "Clean Fire" ammo (WinClean etc.)is approved for use. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED STARTING 1/02.

Directions to Sara Spa From Exit 15 off of I-87

From Exit 15 off of I-87, Sara Spa Rod & Gun Club is approximately 10 miles. You will be on the same road with the exception of 1 turn near the end.

From the top of the Exit 15 ramp take a Left onto CV Whitney Memorial Highway (Route 50 South). There will be 2 lanes, stay in the right hand lane. (Counting the light at the top of the ramp, you should go through a total of 13 lights). Follow signs for Route 9N North.

After traveling 1.8 miles, you will be at the 7th light (you will see the sign for 9N North). You will also see the Sheraton on your left hand side. Veer right, which will take you up a small hill. This will be Van Dam Street. This road will take you past Saratoga Hospital.

Keep going straight, this will put you on Route 9N North. Follow this road through the small town of Greenfield. You will travel under 2 railroad underpasses.

Immediately after the 2nd railroad underpass, you will see a Red Caboose on your left on the corner of Porter Corners Road. TAKE that LEFT.

Sara Spa Rod & Gun Club will be .9 miles down the road on the left.

Outdoor Range Ammunition Requirements:
There are no restrictions on ammunition when using the outdoor range. All bullet types, including lead, are allowed.

IDPA Classifier Matches are held every month.

Directions to Sara Spa From Exit 15 off of I-87